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          Wuxi Lianzhong humidity and energy saving equipment Co., Ltd.


          Wuxi Lianzhong humidity and energy saving equipment Co., Ltd.

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          About us

                Wuxi Lianzhong humidity and energy saving equipment Co., Ltd. established in February 2004, is a technology-based Sino foreign cooperation company which has been committed to applying air adsorption separation technology to air treatment equipment for a long time   Enterprise, mainly research and development and production of wheel dehumidifier, heat pump dehumidifier, air and air heating   It can exchange non-standard equipment such as recovery unit, evaporative cooling air conditioning unit, organic waste gas purification unit, etc   Standard air handling equipment. With the continuous expansion of production scale and the fine division of labor in industrialization,   Lianzhong company was established in October 2011 at No. 8, chating Road, Wanshi Industrial Park, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province,   In the first phase, the investment is 50 million yuan, with 25 mu of land, 10000 square meters of standard industrial plants and office buildings   Jiangsu Lianzhong Liansheng energy saving equipment Co., Ltd. was re registered.   The enterprise leadership decided to establish Jiangsu Lianzhong Liansheng company to develop and produce evaporative cooling air conditioners   Group, organic waste gas purification unit and other large-scale energy-saving environmental protection air treatment equipment; and   Wuxi Lianzhong humidity control company continued to develop and produce rotary dehumidifier units and heat pump dehumidifiers in Wuxi   Wet unit, air and air heat exchanger. In the field of domestic HVAC engineering, Lianzhong   Humidity control company research and development of various types of rotary dehumidifier technical capacity, production of various types of rotary dehumidifier   The level of equipment manufacturing technology is at the forefront of the industry.

                 There are several difficult problems in the application technology of rotary dehumidifier: selection of desiccant and drying wheel   Selection, comparison with cooling dehumidification and combination, automatic control of dehumidification unit, large air volume   Energy saving direction of dehumidifier unit and operation reliability when regenerative electric heating power is not less than 50KW  、 The proportion control of supply air and return air. According to the above technical characteristics, when the rotary dehumidifier is applied   We must suit measures to local conditions, tailor according to the user's requirements and existing conditions   Design options. In addition, the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier runner has a certain attenuation   Make allowance for timing.

                   The dehumidification runner selected by Lianzhong company is American novel   Air brand (u.s.rotors brand) \ \ nichias brand of Japan \ \ \ Seibu Western technology research brand of Japan \ \ \ proflute brand of Sweden. The imported dehumidification runner is divided into three types: active silica gel type, molecular sieve type and composite type.

                 The optimized combination of Lianzhong ECW wheel dehumidifier has been widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, electronics, textile, food, glass, banking (Treasury), shipbuilding, chemical, military, rubber, printing and aerospace fields. According to the unit model, our company's conventional rotary dehumidifier is divided into five series: usd-d / Q basic type series, usd-d / q-b surface cooling type series, usd-d / q-z direct expansion type series, usd-drd low dew point type series (dew point can reach - 80 ℃) and usd-jn energy-saving type series. After reasonable selection, Lianzhong ECW rotary dehumidifier can create any humidity space (RH = 0.01 ~ 55%). At the same time, Lianzhong company can also customize various specifications of dehumidifier runner and related accessories according to the special requirements of customers, so as to make technical transformation of old non-standard equipment or other uses.

                   Energy saving and emission reduction is one of the important issues in social development. The regeneration temperature of conventional rotary dehumidifier is 100 ~ 140 ℃. If the user does not have steam source and natural gas, he has to use electric heating. The power of an electric heating tube with a rated air volume of 3000cmh is as high as 40kW. In many applications, the rated air volume of the rotary dehumidifier is as high as 40000 CMH, and the power of the electric heating tube is as high as 300kW. Many users do not have such large power supply facilities, which inevitably limits the promotion and application of rotary dehumidifier, while conventional dehumidification equipment can not meet the dehumidification requirements. Lianzhong company has assembled research and development team to develop low-temperature regenerative rotary dehumidifier, super heat pipe dehumidifier, heat pump dehumidifier, waste heat recovery ventilation energy-saving dehumidifier for these customers, It can replace the conventional rotary dehumidifier to achieve the same dehumidification requirements, and reduce the operating costs of customers, which is highly praised by customers.

          Development history:

          1. Wuxi Lianzhong humidity control and energy saving equipment Co., Ltd. was established in February 2004

          2. Wuxi Luote air treatment equipment Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006

            ( In April 2012, it was changed to Wuxi Luote Xinfeng Technology Co., Ltd.)

          3. Wuxi Liansheng environmental protection purification Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in March 2010

          4. Jiangsu Lianzhong Liansheng energy saving equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 2011


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