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          Is it necessary to buy a rotary dehumidifier in Meiyu season?

          Author:Lianzhong | Release time:2021-06-15

           Northerners can hardly imagine the consequences of rainy weather in the south. The rainy season in the south makes the whole room seem to be soaked in water. Even though my floor is a little high and belongs to the middle floor, I can still feel the humidity of the indoor air at home. The balcony, needless to say, is always wet and dry. If you smell it again, the cloth will always smell wet. At this time, if there is a rotary dehumidifier, it will really come in handy.



          1、 There are two common types of rotary dehumidifiers on the market

          There are two types of rotary dehumidifiers in the market: concentrated rotary dehumidifier and rotary dehumidifier. They follow different principles.

          Condensing wheel dehumidifier technology is very mature, cost-effective, power saving. It drives the heat exchanger through the compressor, condenses the moisture in the air into liquid water and stores it in the water tank, so as to successfully convert the moist air into dry air and reduce the humidity of the room after repeated treatment. But because of the compressor in the condenser wheel dehumidifier, it's a little noisy at night.

          The other model is rotary wheel dehumidifier, which uses heating to achieve dehumidification function and achieve the effect of drying air. This principle is a bit like taking a dry towel to absorb the moisture in the air and wring the towel clean after Zui. The advantage of this wheel dehumidifier is not affected by low temperature, but the disadvantage is high energy consumption and no power saving. So in contrast, the condensing wheel dehumidifier is purchased from Shouchuan.



          2、 How to buy wheel dehumidifier

          The price of rotary dehumidifier varies from several hundred to tens of thousands, and the difference is very big. In order to choose a suitable wheel dehumidifier for your home, in addition to the above types, you also need to see the following core parameters, such as dehumidification capacity, water tank capacity, power consumption, noise, etc.

          Just like the important index of air conditioning is the cooling capacity, the first thing to see is the dehumidification capacity. Dehumidification is usually measured in days. Daily family, dehumidification about 13 liters is enough. Of course, the greater the dehumidification capacity, the stronger and faster the dehumidification capacity. If you want to dehumidify the whole house at one time, you should choose a machine with large dehumidification capacity.

          If the tank capacity is too small, it will theoretically lead to several times a day. Therefore, in addition to the dehumidification capacity, the water tank capacity should also be considered when purchasing the machine. It would be more useful to match the two. Some machine water tank is also equipped with water level sensing device, when the water is full, it will automatically stop dehumidification, so it is not afraid of too much water overflow trouble.

          Let's start with power consumption. In general, the power consumption of the condensing wheel dehumidifier is not high, which is a low-power electrical appliance. In addition to dehumidification mode, many rotary dehumidifiers also provide various modes such as drying clothes and sleeping. For example, the power consumption of the machine in sleep mode is lower, and the sound is much lower than that in dehumidification mode, which will not affect sleep. When purchasing, you can pay attention to whether the product provides this mode switching function.

          In addition to these basic parameters, some rotary dehumidifiers also have some functions to enhance highlights, such as negative ion function, which can purify the air. It's very practical for people with respiratory sensitivity.



          3、 Abstract

          Some people think that the rotary dehumidifier is tasteless and not very practical. My personal suggestion is that if you live in a humid area, it's worth buying a rotary dehumidifier. And some wheel dehumidifier not only dehumidification, but also the function of drying clothes. To buy a machine, you can buy two functions: a rotary dehumidifier and a clothes dryer. Isn't that beautiful?

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