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          How to clean the wheel dehumidifier?

          Author:Lianzhong | Release time:2021-06-15

            The air inlet and outlet of domestic rotary dehumidifier are very suitable for the survival and reproduction of virus and bacteria, especially the heat exchanger of rotary dehumidifier, which is blocked by a lot of dust and bacteria, once blown out, it will cause large-scale infection.



          The key of internal organs cleaning and disinfection of rotary dehumidifier every year

          Most users only clean the shell, panel and filter screen when cleaning the rotary dehumidifier, but they can't do anything about the condenser, evaporator and other special parts, but the latter is often the breeding ground of bacteria. For example, in the operation of the rotary dehumidifier, the tiny dust and bacteria at 80 points in the air enter into the rotary dehumidifier through the filter screen, and stick to the evaporator after bonding with the condensate, which affects the refrigeration and heat dissipation of the rotary dehumidifier. At the same time, the moist evaporator surface is the breeding ground of various bacteria.

          At present, people's maintenance concept of rotary dehumidifier still stays at the level of cleaning filter screen. In fact, the dirt of the rotary dehumidifier is hidden in the gap of the aluminum sheet of the evaporator, which can't be seen from the surface at all. Only the use of special air conditioning cleaner can push out the dirt.

          Advantages of cleaning rotary dehumidifier

          Chedi can prevent the growth of bacteria, thus greatly reducing the possibility of infection with various bacteria.

          Chedi cleans the heat exchanger of the rotary dehumidifier to make the rotary dehumidifier operate under normal conditions. Therefore, the rotary dehumidifier can save electricity and prolong the service life.

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